Making sharing your roots fun for the whole family with our unique Celebration Trunks, designed for kids 3-7 years old.

celebration trunk

Each of our carefully created Celebration Trunks explores a different aspect of culture - starting with our Celebrate India! series.  Whether it's food, festivals, clothes or traditions, we find a fun way for kids 3-7 to engage with their heritage using stories, toys, activities and language.


Download the story of how they got their magic radio - click on the image!

Download the story of how they got their magic radio - click on the image!

  • Each trunk explores a different theme of culture, like food or music, stories or festivals.

  • Your child will join our twins Jai and Jiya on a story and activity adventure as they explore their Indian roots with their grandparents.

  • Your child will join in the fun with their own toys/activity goodies, as well as 20+ language flashcards related to the story and theme.

  • Through play and discovery, your child will be able to celebrate his or her roots in a fun and engaging way.

great roti adventure


Meet Jai and Jiya - our silly, clever, adventure seeking cultural explorers!  They have a magic radio that can transport them to their grandparents' farmhouse in India where they explore different parts of their heritage - from clothing to food and music to mythology.  

Share the the first story in the series with your kids through this free downloadable book: Papaya Pals and The Story of the Magic Radio.

Join them on their first adventure 

The Great Roti Adventure!

Join Jai and Jiya as they learn all about the humble but mighty flatbread, roti.  Your kids will be able to join along in the adventure with their very own artisan crafted children's chakla and belan (rolling board and pin), all natural mango-dough and over 20 Hindi flashcards that teach them key words.